Monday, June 20, 2011

Where did you go June?

Yikes. I blinked, and suddenly June is almost over. Ever notice how things like that happen a lot more often in the summer months?

My trip to Edmonton was fantastic. It was great to have a whole week to spend with my sister - that doesn't happen very often these days! And we did some really cool stuff, including going to Fort Edmonton Park, a recreation of historical Edmonton that spans 1846-1920:

Heaven for a history nerd!

and the beautiful Botanical Gardens:

I have to admit that I have not been doing a good job of following along with the 52 Days Til Summer Challenge, but I think I have done a great job of staying on the track that the Challenge inspired me to get back on. My activity level has been good (and I have the sore muscles to prove it) and I've been very mindful of my eating lately. Summer is such a great time to eat healthy! A couple of stellar meals from the last little while:

Quinoa Salad with White Beans, Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach and Blue Cheese (from Closet Cooking) - with an ingredient list like that, how could this NOT be good? I loved that even with all those different flavours going on, the resulting dish was not overpowering. Everything complimented each other really well. YUM.

Green Bean Salad - straight out of last month's Chatelaine, this was a really unique and satisfying dinner. Loved the garlic/goat cheese/roasted red pepper combo. The egg was a nice touch too, although next time I will poach my egg instead of boil it - I am not skilled at peeling soft-boiled eggs.

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  1. I love making full meals right out of cookbooks or magazines! I love that you took the shot with the magazine open to that page (I'm sure you've noticed I do that too!).

    Glad you're summer is going well and you're keeping up with the healthy habits! I had a pretty big weekend of eating, so I'm getting back on track with a few key occasions as my motivators.

    We need to hit up a patio in the market soon! (for something healhy of course!)