Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here I am, finally making a first blog post after thinking about making a blog for months. I have been interested in healthy living for a long time now, and recently I have been making some changes in my life to try and be as much "in my healthy place" as I can be. These changes have inspired me to stop just thinking about a blog and start writing already!!

On this blog I will talking about why I am interested in a healthy lifestyle in the first place, the changes I have been undertaking to become a healthier person, and hopefully taking on some new challenges along the way! I promise I won't spend the whole time talking about myself though...I really hope to focus on providing some tips and tricks for getting healthy that can fit into any lifestyle, not just my own.

I will also try and avoid putting the word 'healthy' in every single sentence as I'm sure by now you are as sick of reading it as I am typing it!