Sunday, May 15, 2011

Check in and some food pics!

Just checking in to say the 52 Days till Summer Challenge is still going strong!

Activity has been going well. The past two weeks I have worked out 4 days a week. This week coming up I am aiming for 5! 30 Day Shred has been my main workout this week. I did some Natalie moves the last time I did it and was no longer thinking it was easy! Next week I may switch back to Power Sculpt just to keep my body guessing and to work different muscles. Next week will also be a challenge as I will be away for the long weekend, so I will have to be creative in order to get all my activity in.

Food is also going great. I have been making good choices, but at the same time allowing myself to live my life (had a couple drinks out on Thursday and dinner out on Friday). I am proud that I have brought my lunch to work every single day since starting the challenge, which is really good for both my health and my budget.

Some recent food:Tandoori chicken and baked sweet potatoes, a meal made together with the BF. A fantastic dinner - the chicken tasted indulgent even though it was really healthy, and the sweet potatoes were amazing, they are the BF's concoction and they are my favourite way to eat sweet potatoes.

A tofu patty (one of La Soyarie's miso veggie burgers, so good), veggies and rice, topped with gravy made from Eat Drink and Be Vegan. The gravy does not look so appetizing, but I LOVE the stuff.
Homemade iced tea made with some key lime tea bags, lime juice and a bit of agave nectar. Yum!

Today the BF and I went and got plants for our vegetable garden, one of my favourite things about summer! We bought two tomato plants, a yellow bell pepper plant, a jalapeno plant and a cayenne plant. I am really hoping to find a cilantro plant as well so that we can make salsa with almost all ingredients from our own garden! Sadly no pictures of the plants right now because it is grey and rainy outside (boo) but when the sun decides to show its face again I will get some pics.

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  1. That food looks awesome Laura! You made me want home made iced tea.

    Have a great long weekend!